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Domain extension .FOOTBALL

$24.99 ~ $19.99/y
Wake up on Sunday, maybe go for a jog, put in the order for wings, get out the face paint, take the lucky jersey down off its shrine, crack open a beer with friends…..or enemies, and wait for kickoff. For anyone who knows this routine, this feeling, you know that football is more of a religion than a pastime. For all those diehard fans out there, when it’s football time, it's football time. Nothing else matters. The external world becomes shut down. If you run a fantasy league site, a stat database, a football news network, or even a page of videos where you talk trash to your friends, the .FOOTBALL domain extension lets everyone know that it's game time. If you sell football gear, the .FOOTBALL domain name will help your business become synonymous with quality equipment. The .FOOTBALL is definitive, it’s powerful. For your target market, this is what the hungry fans are looking for. If they want ANYTHING related to the great sport that they look forward to every day of the week, they know that the .FOOTBALL domain has exactly what they need. .FOOTBALL will help bring in traffic to your site that surpasses other .COMs of the same genre. It opens you up to a huge fan base, and further specifies your site so that you don’t get lost amongst sites that cover other types of sports. It’s game time. Give the fans what they want. Score the .FOOTBALL domain extension today. PS: Maybe you prefer to call the sport .SOCCER...