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Domain extension .GIVES

Nothing feels better than giving until you have nothing left to give. If you are a philanthropist, you know that “you can’t take it with you.” That's why you have dedicated your life to making others’ lives better, because you want to see there be little more beauty in the world, you want to help people that others pass by. You are vital to making this crazy, relentless world tolerable. And sometimes even you get overlooked yourself in the process. Well it’s time people pay attention to what you’re doing. It’s time people find your website or your business, get informed, and get involved. The .GIVES domain extension will help you do exactly that. The .GIVES is perfect for philanthropists, non­profits organizations, churches, or community based organizations. It makes your site synonymous with the selfless acts you strive to imbibe in others, and helps you get the word out. If you have a message or a mission statement, .GIVES connects you to people looking to make donations, people looking to help, and most importantly: people in need of your services. The .GIVES makes it easy, clear, and sharable. Simple as that. If you are a person who simply likes helping people and finds speedbumps at every corner trying to make all logistical ends meet, this domain extension is a simple way to make your life easier and spread the word much faster. Invest in the .GIVES domain extension today and make it much easier for you to make the world much better.