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Domain extension .GRIPE

If you look in the dictionary and search for the meaning of gripe you would find the .GRIPE domain extension. No, not really. You would actually find the definition of gripe but we think nothing comes as close to encapsulating the essence of gripe on the internet as a .GRIPE domain and this is why you need this extension if your website deals in complaints, grumbling and a general show of simmering displeasure. You could use .GRIPE as an offshoot of your parent website where people can come to make their complaints and/or suggestions about the services you offer without it affecting the general atmosphere of pleasantness you wish to create on the parent site. You could use this domain extension such that all the griping going on does not affect your business in a negative way. This is a suggestion and you may have a host of other uses for the .GRIPE extension, any of which we would be happy to oblige you. The .GRIPE extension has an added advantage in that it describes the content of the website and people will know what to expect when they visit it. You may be surprised to know that some people are professional gripers who seemingly gripe for a living. You would want to distance your business from them while you can actually attend to those who have genuine reason to gripe. But it is conceivable that your parent website would be one that welcomes griping customers. You’ll be pleased to know that we are not the least bit discriminatory………lest you gripe about us.