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Domain extension .INTERNATIONAL

Registration price: $24.99/year (+ICANN fee)
Nowadays, with the fantastic communicatory opportunities that the Internet offers, there is no excuse for businesses and organizations to not communicate their products and services across geographical boundaries. Whether you are an investment bank or a charitable organization, invariably your agenda will be to develop a network that spans the entire globe. With the .INTERNATIONAL domain name, this task can be made a whole lot easier. One of the key issues that many charities and non-profit organizations face is that of spreading awareness. To spur individuals to donate towards a particular cause, they first have to be educated about problems and issues, and their global impacts on health and society. Many users remain extremely skeptical about the way in which donations are managed by such organizations. The .INTERNATIONAL domain name automatically gives your organization improved credibility, thereby spurring volunteers and donors to contribute towards different causes. The .INTERNATIONAL domain name can also be used by for-profit companies looking to advertise their products and services across different parts of the world. Companies that operate on an international scale are generally viewed as more professional than local ones, so why not inform users of this? With the .INTERNATIONAL domain name, you can distinguish your company from regional or local ones, and increase sales and visibility greatly. Purchase a .INTERNATIONAL domain name today before this top level domain is no longer available!