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Domain extension .KIWI

There was a man from New Zealand, a Kiwi, who had a small flightless bird that could run backwards, a kiwi, and the bird just loved eating bits of a certain green soft fruit, a kiwi. This is not a true story but it is a good way to show you how the .KIWI domain extension could benefit your website. New Zealanders and anyone whose business deals exclusively with New Zealand and New Zealanders will want to take up this unique opportunity to really reach the people that matter most. The .KIWI domain extension can provide a means of letting you reach the target and select group of people you would like and in turn it helps those same people able to find you. So, whether you are a business that deals with immigration to New Zealand or a tourism outfit that provides trips and tours to see the great people and landscape of New Zealand, this domain is perfect for you. Your organization may even be a government owned one which seeks to align their online identity with an even more indigenous looking website; this is definitely the domain you need. Virtually any website that has anything at all to do with New Zealand, we think this is the domain that is both in tune with the New Zealand identity and also very catchy and trendy. Don’t waste any time; get the .KIWI domain extension today.