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Domain extension .LEASE
Normal Registration price: $69.99/year

Domain has ICANN Fee: YES, an additional $0.18 will be added to the registration fee of this domain extension for each year's domain registration.

A lease involves a contract where one party agrees to rent a property, such as land or buildings, from another party for a duration of time and at agreed fee. It sounds very simple but it could be a very complicated process especially when there is a need for the lessee (the one who wants to use a property) to find the right lessor (the one who owns the property) or vice versa. If you are a representative of the lessee and are looking for a lessor, or a representative of the lessor and are looking for a lessee or you’re an intermediary between the lessor and the lessee, there is simply one thing you need; a .LEASE domain extension.

If your company or firm is a legal expert and professional in the details of leasing, you will want to be easily accessible to customers who are looking to rent property. The advantages of a .LEASE domain are fairly obvious but we’ll still outline a few below:

  • Lease agencies traditionally do not have names that are easy to remember. Having the .LEASE extension will make your company far easier to recall and that can only lead to more business.
  • It is inexpensive and the benefits far outweigh the registration costs.
  • It improves your perceived standing among companies that offer the same services.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you should sign up, so why don’t you do so now?