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Domain extension .MOE

If you have been around for the last twenty years or so, you should probably think of only one thing when you think of Moe: the crazy shotgun totting barman in the popular cartoon series, The Simpsons. What other thing can be associated with Moe though? That’s right! Copious amounts of cold delicious beer! Naming your establishment after the legendary bartender/owner would be a very nice way to get discerning customers to patronize your business. Make it easier for the bloke that is looking for a place to get smashed or get the hiccups by registering the .MOE domain extension. It is absolutely smashing……pun intended. Beer brings great memories of cold, refreshing and delicious drinking and these are the memories that will be associated with a website that sports the .MOE domain! Just like at Moe’s, your readers will become regular customers and as long as you keep serving them those “cold ones” content wise, you are sure to keep them coming back. With the .MOE extension you cannot go wrong except you start to sell water. Who knows, maybe one day, Homer and his gang may visit you to tilt their heads back and consume a few barrels of the good stuff. What are you waiting for? Get the .MOE domain extension today! PS: If you would just like to communicate that you are tired, MOE also means tired in Dutch!