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Domain extension .NETWORK
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The world has shrunk into a tiny globe where everyone is connected to everyone else by at most a step of six people according to a study. What this means is that you can connect two people through a maximum of six other people no matter who or where they are. This is a great thing which you can take advantage of by social networking where you can connect with people based on any parameter or thing that you have in common with them. If your website is one of such that exploits this advantage, you would be best served by a domain extension like the .NETWORK domain. The world is small but you can make it even smaller by using this domain for your social network website and watch it soar into popularity. Before you know it, you might be rubbing shoulders with giants such as facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram. Obviously, what these other websites don’t have is the .NETWORK domain extension and this is where you can get an advantage and run with it. Pretty soon, you’ll be the trailblazer others follow. The advantages of choosing this domain are numerous but one of the most significant is the uniqueness and the marketing gimmick that is already intrinsic with the name.

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