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Domain extension .NINJA

$24.99 ~ $19.99/y
Are you a code ninja? Can you chop wood like a crazy dude? Or do you just like to wear black and move silently? This might be the domain extension for you! Want to add more poww to your web address? .NINJA is for you. You may associate 'ninja' with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, your favorite anime or manga series, or a covert agent in a Kung Fu movie. Did you know that the term also indicates a person who excels in and has mastered a particular skill? Whether you run a martial arts academy, you're a coding whiz or a dog whisperer with a pet-sitting service, .NINJA can really differentiate you from the competition. You're it. You're the master. You have the edge!
  • A .NINJA extension offers limitless possibilities. You don't need to use it in a particular context.
  • .NINJA makes an impression. Quickly. We all love anything new and cool, and a .NINJA extension is both.
  • It has a high recall value. Users will remember your personal or business brand more easily than they would a generic extension.
  • .NINJA is a unique way of expressing your personality. The extension can have a major appeal among a younger audience, which is great because 93% of young adults aged 18-29 go online (Pew Research stats).
Origami expert? Content marketing guru? Tech whiz? World's best apple sauce maker? Get a .NINJA today!