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Domain extension .OKINAWA

$16.99 ~ $13.59/y
Okinawa is the largest, most prominent, most popular and most important island among the Ryukyu island chain. The term Okinawa may also refer to the Okinawa prefecture which includes hundreds of Ryukyu Islands in a stretch of over a thousand kilometers. Naha, its capital is located in the southern part of the prefecture just as the prefecture itself is the southernmost part of Japan as a whole. Despite the heavy destruction from the Second World War, there are remains of architecturally valuable buildings and artifacts that are of great interest to tourists and academics alike. Okinawa boasts modern facilities and amenities such as schools, sports facilities and airports. All these are reasons that goes to show just how important Okinawa is and how much it deserves its own domain name and you guessed it, this domain name is .OKINAWA. This domain name allows for your business to be closely tied to the Okinawa way of life and cultural heritage. People from the outside instantly see how much you identify with the local community and the local people. This fosters an intrinsic level of trust and goodwill that you will be hard pressed to receive through any other means. The Japanese are honorable people and they value honor above all else so getting a domain name that shows that you value their heritage goes a long way towards securing their respect and trust and most importantly, their patronage. So, waste no time, get the .OKINAWA domain extension right away.