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Domain extension .PIZZA

Pizza. It’s God’s (or FSM's) greatest gift to Earth right above puppy dog ears and oxygen. There has never been a more universally accepted phenomenon than that crispy, cheesy, saucy goodness. They say pizza has ended wars. . . Whoever they are, we believe them. So if your business or website is focused on the noble, elegant masterpiece that is pizza, you need a domain extension that lives up to a certain standard. Behold: the .PIZZA domain name. Yes, hot and delivered to your doorstep is the domain name that lets your customers know that there is no screwing around when it comes to that round, sensual pie in the sky. .PIZZA is perfect for, well, any pizza joint or delivery service. The name says it all. But most importantly, when people get pizza, and now especially more from the internet, you need to be their “go-to” pizza joint. The .PIZZA domain extension is catchy, funny, easy-to-remember, and will entice people to engage with the website, even for the glory of telling their friends they ordered from a .PIZZA website. Pizza is all about bringing people together, celebrating, and having fun. This domain extension is all about fun, and will have people referring to you as their “go-to” source for the food of the Gods. Make pizza, prevent wars. Order up the .PIZZA domain extension today.