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Domain extension .PUB
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Domain has ICANN Fee: YES, an additional $0.18 will be added to the registration fee of this domain extension for each year's domain registration.

Pub crawler? Got great advice on superb pubs? Own a Kings Arms or a Blue Lion? Than this is your domain extension!

Ahoy, lads! Thank God it’s Friday! Oh, wait, It probably isn’t. But what does it matter? Well, with a .PUB domain extension, it’s always Friday and people will always be having loads of fun on your website. I mean what else do you think of when you hear pub? That’s right. Bottoms up! Beer sieving moustaches! Perspiring glass mugs of cold delicious ale! Aye! If your business is one that has to do with booze and you want to or already have an internet presence, there’s no doubt that a .PUB extension is the no-brainer, guaranteed way to attract the most readers and make sure they keep coming back. Like with pubs, your readers will become regular customers and as long as you keep serving them those “cold ones” content wise, you are sure to keep them coming back. A .PUB extension has advantages over the more conventional and, dare we say, boring domain extensions. Here are a couple of them, hic*

  • A very unique domain like the .PUB ensures that once your website is found, it is etched into the memory of an interested reader.
  • Getting this domain extension will make it seem like you invented it as you’re probably going to be the first in your business to use it.
  • To get the domain extension does not cost a fortune.
  • With a .PUB domain, you don’t have to worry about your customers getting too smashed to drive. hic*

So there you go. Get the .PUB domain extension now!