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Domain extension .REST

Not just great for restful resorts, also cool for the developer who understand REST! .REST is a new domain extension that is available for customers who want to give their website an ambience of relaxation. For those who like to take things easy and want to exude an aura of repose and calm or if you want to attract people that are on a steady supply of chill pills, this extension is perfectly suited for that purpose. So, is your website one that showcases something soothing like massages and facial treatments? Is your establishment a spa or a sauna or a mud bath house or any other spot for letting off stress? This is the perfect domain you need to take things to the next level. You could even be a mega establishment like a resort or tourist company that is in the business of taking busy rich people’s minds off all their busy and stressful money making exploits. Your website will be right at home with a .REST extension. Rest is different things to different people so whatever it is that you want to showcase to the world with an eye on garnering a few more clicks from the internet, as long as you offer rest and relaxation, this is the extension to really show you mean business. There’s no doubt that the .REST domain extension is the extension for relaxation. So why not give your website the relaxing makeover it deserves? We all know, all work and no .REST makes a website dull. Get the .REST domain today!