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We’ve all lost someone into the cold hands of death before. Some of us are lucky not to have been grown up enough to realize just what we’ve lost. Most of us have lost someone dear to us while we were old enough to appreciate the loss. Often we want to remember our loved ones by making something that we believe will last forever and we can always look to for the nostalgic feelings of the time we had together. Usually, the things they leave behind instantly become very valuable memorabilia. We all know that the internet is one of the safest places to keep things for posterity. People say whatever makes it on the internet, never goes away. This is why it is a great idea to make a collection of these memories in digital form and save them online in the form of a website where other loved ones can contribute to and maybe share some thoughts and memories in the form of pictures and videos etc so that everyone can have access to it and remember. To do this, we are introducing the .RIP domain name which you can append to the website and it becomes apparent to anyone visiting that this is memorial website and not a regular one. May the souls of those we’ve lost rest in peace and the .RIP grant us left behind some peace as well.