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Domain extension .RYUKYU

$39.99 ~ $31.99/y
Ryukyu is the name for a chain of islands in Japan that stretch up from the Kyushu region to the borders of Taiwan. This chain has quite a number of islands on it such as the Osumi, Okinawa, Tokara, Miyako, Yonaguni and Yaeyama islands. They all form part of a rich and fascinating Japanese culture and heritage. Some of these islands have active volcanoes which can be a major attraction to tourists and explorers alike. Being part of Japan which is popularly called the land of the rising sun, it is fortuitous that it is on one of the islands that make up Ryukyu that has the latest sunset in Japan. An interesting fact for tourists. They can say to their friends that they witnessed the latest sunset in the land of the rising sun. You can’t buy that. The suitability of this place as a tourist hotspot cannot be denied and this is why one needs to take advantage of the .RYUKYU domain extension. Let’s face it, there aren’t many companies that will offer you such a specialized and tailored domain name. That in itself is a reason to consider buying such a domain name, the sheer uniqueness. This domain name has explicitly great qualities that make it a simple choice for anyone located in and around the area. So, don’t think about it too long, get the .RYUKYU domain name today.