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Domain extension .SCHOOL

Back to school, back to school, to show my dad I’m not a fool! When school’s in session, you have got to have some sharp clothes, you’ve got to have the coolest binder and notebooks, and you’ve got to have extra pens so when cute Lucy in the front row turns and asks for one, you can deliver. There are a lot of bases to cover, and you need to have a place to go that understands what you need, and can provide everything on that checklist. Whether you sell textbooks, provide online classes, or are an institution looking to provide a sleek online resource for your students, the .SCHOOL domain extension can help students do what they need to do: learn. The .SCHOOL extension is perfect for high schools, elementary schools, and pre-schools. It opens you up to a network of parents and educators, and makes finding information about your institution easy. The extension is smooth, memorable, and immediately focuses on your target audience. Knowledge is power. As a scholastic resource, it's important that your services are easily accessed in order to empower the young minds of the next generation. A .SCHOOL domain name is a simple way for you to teach and elevate students, no matter what your business may be. Pay attention kids. The .SCHOOL domain extension is an A+ that doesn’t need any brain cracking so get it now.