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Domain extension .SERVICES

Currently on sale for: $31.99/year
Normal Registration price: $39.99/year (+ICANN fee)
One of the few extremely useful and targeted extensions. Get yours before they are all registered! Services, who needs them? Everybody! If your company offers any kind of service and you have an online presence, what better way to showcase what you offer than a domain extension that says “Hey, this is what I have to offer!” Trust us, people respond to this kind of marketing. A .SERVICES domain name is the way you can achieve this goal of selling yourself or your company to readers and it could be the difference between getting more customers than the competition as well as converting people who are just browsing through into those who are paying you money for services rendered. Perhaps your company already has a website but would like to create another one to serve as a portfolio of sorts to describe what you have done and how your customers can benefit from your unique experience in offering those services. Look no further for the .SERVICES domain is what you have been looking for. It is ubiquitous and unspecific and you can kill many birds by using this extension especially if your company is diverse and offers a host of different services to your customers. You can finally have a website dedicated to organizing all of them in one spot and all with a snazzy and unique website. The advantages of choosing this domain extension are plain to see so why not do just that right now?