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Domain extension .THEATER

People who have a very high taste in things seem to like their things as close to the real deal as possible. They like to eat at restaurants that cook their food only after they’ve ordered it. They like to go to the opera and get eargasms via audio. They like to go to stadiums and watch live games. They like to go to concerts. They also love the theater. At the theater, they get to watch amazing actors deliver their craft in person with little or no special effects and with no second takes. It can be a fascinating experience. For these choice set of people, we have come up with the .THEATER domain extension. A theater house should find it imperative to don this domain name in order to have the required relevance on the internet. The world has gone digital and even though the theater still upholds the idea of the original and untampered, selling tickets only physically or flyers about a new and exciting play is no longer realistic. The best way to do this now is to have veritable online presence and the best way to do that is to have something that sets you apart and that something is the .THEATER domain extension. Fortunately, it can be used also for movie theaters which are even more mainstream but we love to be delectable and sophisticated at FX Domains so we’re just gonna emphasize the live theater.