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Search for your .university domain!

Domain extension .UNIVERSITY

$69.99 ~ $55.99/y
The .UNIVERSITY domain extension is now available for registration. This domain is suitable for all universities and degree awarding institutions from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are even a virtual university and only offer online courses. As long as you are an instrument of the dissemination of precious knowledge, this is the domain for you. Heck, you don’t even have to be a real university, you could be a university for monsters even. As long as the word university somehow propagates whatever it is that you are involved in, this domain will be perfect for you. The .UNIVERSITY domain sounds powerful and all encompassing. Who wouldn’t want to seem that way to people? No one, that’s who. The advantages of this extension are numerous but in true university fashion, we will enumerate a few:
  • Did we mention that this domain sounds all encompassing? Oh yeah, we did. We just thought we couldn’t stress that enough.
  • This extension inspires a form of exclusiveness and class that not many other extensions offer
  • It is relatively cheap to acquire
  • There is competition among universities but in a more subtle way. This domain will get you among the right circle at least.
  • With this domain, you will be taken seriously and authoritatively by default.
Bea part of the universal city of knowledge; get a .UNIVERSITY extension today!