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Domain extension .YOKOHAMA

$16.99 ~ $13.59/y
If you’re a fan of the Chelsea football club, you definitely do not need to be introduced to Yokohama although you may not know that it is more than a name for the giant tire manufacturing company but also the name of a Japanese city so large it is the second largest by population after Tokyo. It is one of Japan’s most important ports. Places of interest include the Yokohama Marine Tower, the tallest inland lighthouse in the world; the Cosmo Clock 21, which is the biggest clock in the world and was also the world’s largest ferris wheel in 1989 when it was built; the Landmark Tower, which was the tallest building in Japan before being overtaken by the Abeno Harukas building at Osaka. The city is also home to a slew of shopping malls, museums, restaurants and stadia which ensures continuous round the clock entertainment. If you are a company that is involved in showcasing the sights and sounds of Yokohama in particular, you would be best served with a certain domain extension for your website. This domain name is none other than .YOKOHAMA. If your company is headquartered in Yokohama, then it really would become an easy decision to take advantage of this domain. Even if your organization is an official government one, that has a focus on Yokohama and things that have to do with Yokohama, this is a better domain than the regular .ORG or .GOV. The choice is almost no longer a choice when you weigh the pros and honestly zero cons. So wait no longer, get the .YOKOHAMA domain extension now.