If you are running a website that either sells products or stores any kind of customers information, you are responsible for keeping that information private and secure. Our SSL certificates will ensure that the data sent from your hosting server to your customer is encrypted to industry security standards.

SSL Certificates
Get trusted with an SSL certificate
Your customers trust you to make sure their details are as secure as possible and we can help you by providing you with industry standard secure SSL certificates - for a low price of course. Our standard SSL certificate can be issued in minutes and clear instructions are provided on how to install the certificate on your server.
Sucuri – Website Security
Automatically find, fix and prevent threats and malware on your website
SiteLock™ automatically scans your website for security issues, threats and malware. Did you know your site can be blocked by the search engines if they find malware on your website? Make sure to stay ahead and prevent issues before they become a threat. Sitelock will notify you instantly when it finds something wrong your website.
Code Signing Certificates
You've worked too hard to leave your code unprotected.
Are you a developer who needs to deploy apps to the general public? Consider an FXDomains.com Code Signing certificate. With signed code, your customers can be sure they are executing your code – unaltered – due to the unique MD5 hashing. The Code Signing certificate is suitable for ActiveX controls, dynamic link libraries (.dll files), .cab files, HTML content or any other software distributed over the Internet or via an extranet (sign .exe, .cab, .dll, and .ocx files).